sábado, 1 de fevereiro de 2014

Hello readers! Today I'm posting about our friend Angélica Carvalho, she is a wonderful model and amazing person! We did some photos with her these days on a farm that we invaded :o (it was ok) and it was amazing! I'm so glad to know good persons with so much talent and want to thank all the partners in this project:
hair and make up - C. Kamura ( Otávio Lameiro)
production - Vitor Okada
photos - Joao Ricardo de Souza
clothes and accessories - https://www.facebook.com/crunchycloset

quarta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2014

Hi reader, let me present u the Crunchy Magazine! We are a group of friends from Brazil that love fashion and photography, so we decide to unite all of our likes, talents and personality in blog and try show to the world for what we came.  You should be asking to yourself "is it marketing or some kind of this?", maybe it is, little grasshopper!

The situation here is "one hand wash other hand". What you mean??? Well, we are friends trying to help eachother, trying to be a little solidarity and being a little... just a little rascal. But rascal in good way, like brazilian way. Hahahaha! Don't be angry with our sincerity, it's better than show you a glamorous fake world and make you a dumb person that trust on bullshits. 

So let me present to you each one of us. Bruno THE boy is model and actor, sometimes in free time he is a kind of fighter for a fairer society. Camila the girl with amazing red lips is the cherry of cake, i mean she is a model, and just a model, i think she deserve a wonderful place in top models world. Erica the brunette with green eyes is a accountant, in free time she is photographic model and  a big sweeping hearts. And finally me Edva, I'm the person that united everyone in this project, i'm stylish and a kind of businesswoman. 

All of our clothes are from Crunchy Closet, you can check all of this wonderful clothes and accessories in www.facebook.com/crunchycloset

p.s.: We are from Brazil so the prices in page are all in "reais" (brazilian coin), so if you have some doubt just send inbox asking the price in dollar.